People I met (C)

 07/25 - Ruostefielbma: Alfons Heisterkamp from Borken, Germany. And that's where he started hHis voyage to the North Cape. Way back will be through Norway to Trondheim. This is his Webpage: Kahlzone.

 07/26 - between Ruostefielbma and Ifjord: Geir Sande from Norway, going from Alta to Kirkenes.

 07/26 - Ifjord:Finnish cyclist

 07/28 - close to Lakselv: Mixed couple riding to all Ends of Northern Norway on their 4 weeks vacation. It's Karin Buchmann from Switzerland and Martin Krems from Holland.

 07/29 - Olderfjord: On a one-year bicycle adventure. The three French riders are Jean, Aline an Ael. Short story: From France to the North Cape (of course ;-) and then to Turkey. The long story can be found at their blog

 07/29 - Porsaner Fjord: German Thomas & Marc Antoni are father & son. Father Thomas has started the trip in Erlangen and Marc has joined him in Tromsø (family homepage).

 07/29 - Porsaner Fjord: Roland Tasch, a German Teacher working in Holland with multiple talents. I had the great pleasure to ride with him and listen to his insights about many things in life.

 07/29 - At the entrance of the North Cape Tunnel: Polish rider Michael, Armin and Patrick who have just survived the tunnel. The plan is to document the journey on a new webpage. Name is going to be: Longwayride.

 07/30 - Close to Honnigsvåg: Unknown cyclist just bypassed.

 07/30 - Near North Cape: Another two unknown riders on the fast downhill returning from the Cape

 07/30 - Near North Cape: Two Polish cyclists.

 08/01 - Honnigsvåg: Highly motivated Taco Nijssen from Holland, just starting his trip after leaving the Hurtigrouten boat. Destination: Istanbul. (webpage)

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