People I met (A)

 05/03-07 - Frankfurt to Kassel: Traditionally, Andreas (Webpage) traveled with me for the first couple of days.

 05/05 - Fulda: Kirstin Larsen from Denmark, riding her bike from Copenhagen to Milano, Italy.

 05/10 - Holzminden: Albert and Kaz from the Netherlands following the paneuropean bicycle route E1 to Berlin.

 05/10 - Somewhere at the river Fulda: Christian Rider, living since 25 years on his bike in Germany.

 05/11 - Rinteln: Stefan Stoer from Pirna. He does a lot of bicycle touring in Europe. This time the project is called: "Einmal Fulda bis zur Nordsee". We met again in Bremen and had a good time together.

 05/14 - Between Bremen and Hamburg: Thomas Häderer from Burgrieden near Ulm in Germany. He is on a trip from Bremen to Denmark to Hamburg.

 05/23 - Copenhagen: Robert Hodler from Haldi, Switzerland on his way to visit his son in Mora, Sweden from where he will continue via Trondheim to the North cape.

 05/24 - Ängelholm: Olof Larson from Lulea in Northern Sweden. On his way to Singapore (or beyond).

 05/29 - Sönderköing: Rainer & Bärbel Beitz from Rednitzhembach near Nürnberg, Germany. These 63 and 64 years young pensioners are on the way to the North cape too.

 05/30 - Ö Husby: The two Russians Kiril Kunicin (l) and Denis Belikov (r) cycling from from Riga, Latvi, where they live, to Stockholm.

06/02-07 - Stockholm: My parents: Gilla and Fritz from Wiesbaden, Germany. We spent a great week together in Stockholm.

 06/09 - Maarianhamina, Åland: 2 cyclists from Helsinki.

 06/11 - Kustavi: An and Mark from Belgium (Webpage) on a round trip in Europe (next stops are Helsinki and Talin, Latvia).

 06/19 - Merikarvia: Klaus Kugler from Waldburg in Germany, we were on a similar route to the North Cape.

 06/22 - Vaasa: A pastor from Nokia on his 2 weeks vacation trip in Finland. He is using an interesting tent - where one side is not protected from the rain.

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