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 08/30 - Beijing, China: A Chinese cyclist who explores his country on a bike. I met him at night on the roads of Beijing.

 09/01 - Beijing, China: I enjoyed a couple of days with the beautiful drei Drachen from Berlin, Germany. They are (from left to right): Marion. Cleo and Ella. The fourth woman wasn't fully integrated ;-)

 09/13 - Venice Beach, Los Angeles, USA: These are the two parents of a 4 head family about to start their bicycle adventure with direction South-America.

 09/19 - San Diego, USA: Jing Chen from China. We had a short, but nice time in San Diego.

 09/24 - Blythe, California, USA: Paul (l), Susan and Hewes (r), some very active senior cyclists who are crossing the US like I do. We enjoyed dinner after a very hot day in the dessert.

 09/25 - 10/12 USA: Mark Bingham from Coralville, USA. He is riding about the same route from San Diego to Jacksonville. We cycled about a thousand km together. He is a great guy! See his awesome blog: Mark on a bike '08

 10/02 - Arizona, USA: Erin Coye from the USA. He cycled from Bellingham, Washington at the US / Canadian Border down to Miami. His blog escoye is on

 10/03 - USA: A group of people, doing an organized trip in the South of the US - and Mark on the right side.

 10/03 - Big Lue Mountains. USA: Rick Brindell from the USA is doing a trip from Louisiana to San Diego. We were the first cyclists, he had seen on his trip so far. Nice guy: "Peace man!"

 10/06 - Emory Pass, USA: Julia and David from ... - actually that's what they are trying to find out. Starting in Louisiana, they are heading to Canada. They want to see if there is any place, worth settling down. Their blog is: Common milkweek

 11/11 - Mississippi, USA: Bob Stout from Delta, British Columbia in Canada. He has done a lot of bicycling trips all over the world and is riding from Canada to Florida at the moment.

 11/14 - Florida, USA: Akira Matsuoka from Osaka, Japan. He is on his way from Jacksonville to San Diego. Hi is very easy about his cycling, he does not have detailed maps nor a tent - I wonder how he is trying to cross the Southern Rockies. But this is maybe one of the ways to do those things. One step after the other and organize the things when you are there...

 11/18 - Close the Lake city, Florida, USA: Bruce Benioff from Florida, USA. He is calling himself a low budget biker. He had a lot of great stories to tell. And he is happy this way.

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