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 06/22 - Siberia, Russia: Two Triumpf Tigras on a trip from London around the world: Geoff (Blue88) (r) and Allen (l):

 06/28 - Siberia, Russia: Hans-Henning BABA Buetzow (r) and Volker HOMBRE Gehring (r) from Germany are on their ride around the world.

 06/29 - Siberia, Russia: Smykhai from Ukraine riding from lake Baikal to Moscow.

 07/02 - Siberia, Russia: Computer specialist Pavel Pepin from Russia, riding from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg.

 07/02 - Close to Irkutsk, Russia: Japanese cook Niomi Morizuka from Kakamatu Kagawa. He is on his way from Japan to Portugal.

 07/10 - Irkutsk, Russia: These fellow cyclists, Arthur Dechet and Romuald Thomas from France bought their bikes in Irkutsk and are now on the way to Bangkok.

 07/16 - Buriatia, at Lake Baikal, Russia: Two European cyclists riding around the Baikal region. I cannot find their names in my travel journal, so if somebody knows them, drop me a line, so I can update this entry.

 07/21 - Buriatia, Russia: MD Jim Balz from Olympia, State Washington in the USA. He was working in a tiger project and is now on his way to Mongolia.

 07/21 - Russian/Mongolian border: From Bask country: Anna and Unai came from via Moscow with the Transsib to Irkutsk. From here on, they are using their bicycles to see lake Baikal, Ulan Bator and West Mongolia. They use some puristic equipment, like a small tent and are very happy with that.

 07/25 - Mongolia: Hungarian people driving an old Pannonia motorbike with sidecar and a Robur truck from Hungary to China. Their web side can be found under

 08/09 - Saynshand, Gobi dessert, Mongolia: Here, I met Rafael from Poland again. First time was on this tip in Nisnij Novgorod 3 month before (see people I met 1).

 08/10 - Saynshand, Gobi dessert, Mongolia: Another reunion. This time with Thierry and Perrine from Marseille, France. I have crossed the tire marks of this two fearless riders last year on the Kjöllur highland route in Island (see Iceland 08 - people I met ii).
This time, we met by chance in Saynshand, a small village in the middle of the dessert. We were in the same little Hotel (ok, there is not much to choose from) and all three of us had the same stomach problem caused by bad water from the dessert wells. They are on a long trip, heading to South-East Asia. More details on their blog:

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