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 03/26-30 - Frankfurt to Bayreuth: My old friend Andreas from Remscheid-Lennep escorted me the first five days. We have done a couple of tours before. His webpage is

 03/01-04/09 - Bayreuth to Wroclaw: Martin, another great friend and co-cyclist of mine took the baton from Andreas and accompanied me through the Czech Republic into Poland.

 04/04 - Steti: Three guys from Dresden cycling from home to Prague and back. It's Richard, Thomas and Martin. And no, I am not pregnant, just standing in an odd angle to the camera ;-)

 05/07-17 - Moscow to Kazan: Another very good friend of mine. This is Evan O'Brien, originally from Australia, but since more than a decade in Germany. We have done done tons of cycling and other things together. He has a great photographic webpage at

 05/12 - Gorokhovets: Uwe Kühnlein (l) from Pressig-Rothenkirchen, Germany. He is on his way to Vladivostok. Later, around Ulan Ude, I met him again on his way back (via Mongolia).

 05/12 - Nisnij Novgorod: We met Rafael from Poland. He is on a pilgrimage from Rome to Beijing in order to visit the countries, which the last pope Johannes Paul II wanted to visit. Check out his webpage: Biketravel 2008

 05/17 - 06/15 - Kazan to Novosibirsk: Roland from Heilbronn, Germany. We are both on the way from Germany to China, so we had some great times together. Check out his webpage at:

 06/05 - between Tyumen and Omsk: A group of 14 policemen and woman from Nederland. On their way to Beijing. Their homepage is Bike 2 play

 06/11 - Russia: Yaroslav Kurshumov from Moscow on his way to Mongolia (via the Altai mountains).

 06/14 - Russia: Andreas Just, Tomas Risse and Olaf Schynoll from Germany on their motorbikes.

 06/15 - Russia: Ivan Lipicnik (l) and Samo Kompolsek (r) from Slovenia on their 5 weeks trip to lake Baikal. Here is their photo album

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