USA 3 - New Mexico

10/04 The border to New Mexico!

10/04 Slowly going uphill.

10/04 Ranch on the side of the road.

10/04 Light-travelling-Mark and I riding side by side.

10/04 Steaks in the Red Barn Cowboy saloon of Silver City, according to the receptionist the number 5 of places to retire in the US.

10/05 ...and a good place to change the chain ring.

10/06 Medium healthy dinner.

10/06 The moment, I start the music, pedalling is just half as hard!

10/06 The long and winding road...

10/ Emory pass, with 8828 feed (about 2500 Meter), the HIGHlight of the US.

10/ Here is a panorama of the pass.
CLICK on the picture to explore the panorama in detail (Quicktime VR). [Pan with the mouse and zoom with Ctrl and Shift].
It's a 3MB panorama, so it may take a little to load...
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10/07 Opposing traffic. Mark took another shot.
At night, we make sure that the zippers of our tents are closed tight!

10/07 Red peppers, or Peperoni, as we say in Germany.

10/08 Two locals.

10 The presidential election in on November, 4th. Everywhere are signs of the campaigns. Some people even put McCain on their balcony, or change signs slightly to their gusto (normally is McCain the candidate and Palin is below him on the poster).

Mexico Ciudad Juarez
Ciudad Juarez in Mexico is just a walk away from El Paso (USA), so we spend an afternoon there.

10/09 The clean main street in Ciudad Juarez.

10/09 The people in El Paso told us to only move on the main street and stay away from the small side roads. Naturally, this was exactly what we we didn't do. These days, one have to be a little careful, especially in border towns, but staying on the main road seems to us like going to Disneyland.

10/09 Local sweets (pure sugar).

10/09 El senor!

10/09 Mexican hair cut for a Mexican American and...

10/09 ... for a US American (Mark took a wet shave as well).

10/09 Meanwhile, the girls were waiting for clients outside the barber shop.

10/09 We had some Mexican food at this place.

10/09 Papa with son.

10/09 Mama with son.

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