USA 4 - Texas

10/10 It's getting late. (Mark on the picture)

10/10 Cecil gave us shelter in his house in the middle of nowhere (near to Esperanza (population about 7) / Ford Hancock). We talked till late and listened to his stories from combat in Vietnam.

10/11-12 Crawlers on the way.

10/11 A Bud Light is the right stuff to celebrate the 13.000 km mark in the US. We checked the meter a little late - to check, I had to get into the configuration menu and set it from miles to km. Anyway, the beer was still as good as a warm Bud light at 11:30am can be...

10/12 Long long road up the hill

10/12 Another crawler.

10/15 Taking a break (in the light rain).

10/18 Christian preachers on Harleys

10/19 Halloween is coming closer.

10/21-22 And closer came the next celebration. The friendly wine-maker endowed me with this bottle of his great reverva. Then, I used the red treasure for the 14.000 km festivity.

10/24 I took a break in Austin where I met Ariane, a Dutch cyclist who was riding the Lance Armstrong challenge in Texas. Together, we enjoyed the night life and the people ;-)

10/30 Using the new Netbook, I bought at Walmart for 330$. Here, I am on a Skype web-call with Evan in Germany. On the right, this is not the wireless mouse, but my new flexible cup, I bought in Austin too.

10/30 The great breakfast hall of the Motel, I spent the night in. I couldn't choose much, as I came in the dark.

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