USA 2 - Arizona

09/26 Starting from Blythe,CA in the very early morning - just to escape the heat of the dessert at noon.

09/26 Two miles after my early start, I saw the sign that annouced my first state change in the US.

09/26 These Americans are really showing a great sense of creativity when it comes to naming their villages. I saw this sign after passing one of these village.

09/27 This big fellow gives a lot of shadow.

09/27 Preparing for the 12k celebration. We were driving through abandoned areas and were lacking the celebration beer --- only 20 miles to go: I stopped at a farm and asked the farmer for a cold beer. He went to the barn - and came back with the beer for us and him ;-) - Thanx.

09/27 And here it is: 12.000 km done!

09/27 Repairung another broken spoke.

09/30 Got milk?
The gallon was just a bit more expensive than half a gallon, so I had milk for a little bit longer than usually.

09/30 This is what comes to my mind, thinking of the wild west.

09/30 We slept the night at the fire station in Apache Junction.

10/01 Another early start.

10/01 This day, we stroke lucky. When having late lunch at a fastfood place next to the street, we made contact with this old-car loving guy. He lives here but had a voucher for a free night in the nearby Apache Casino. He gave it to us and we were more than happy to have such a comfortable place for this night.

10/02 Meeting real locals.

10/03 Not the best place to stop a car.

10/03 Another shot from the wild west.

10/03 Multible choice for Mark (the nice guy from Iowa-City, I was traveling with for about two weeks)

10/03 Solo and like on discovery channel...

10/03 We did it! Mark is taking a big sip.

10/04 Next morning, going down from this hill was very cold!

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