USA 1 - California

09/14 From Beijing, I reached Los Angeles by plane. Long beach with its special kind of people are the first things I see.

09/13 So off I go. On my way from LA.

09/13 Next to the road, a pelican is hunting in a small lake.

09/13 The days are getting shorter and as the campgrounds at the west coast are asking up to 75$ for a night, I slept under the stars at the beach of Orange County (OC California).

09/14-19 In San Diego, I waited a week for the special bicycle maps from to arrive. Time for a stroll around town and some burger with a long beer.

09/22 Into the East. Into the rockies (or what is left from them in the South).

09/22 The US is building an incredible long wall at the border to Mexico....

09/22 In a small village in eastern California.

09/22 Darkness is falling down over the land. Next day, it's going to be hot!

09/23 Through the dessert. It was hot!!! (45 C)

09/24 Driving about 30 Meter below sea level. (see the marking at the silo).

09/24 The police was stopping to ask me if I have enough water.

09/ Back into civilization. In America, this means big and much and many.

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