08/14 Into China, reading the signs getting more complicated.

08/14 I am escorted by dinosaurs.

08/18 No, I'm still not smoking...

08/19 Friendly man directing me the right way to Beijing.

08/19 Another spoke down. Now I have to do service.

08/20 Last hills before Beijing.

08/20 Made it to Tiananmen Square.

08/21 Still early enough to see an Olympic event. After buying an expensive ticket at the black market, I watched the atheletics.

09/03 After the Olympics were over, Beijing were changing all the decorations for the Paralympics.

08/23 On the night marked a lot of things are for sale. For me, octopus did the job.

08/25 In the Forbidden city

09/01 The Summer Palace.

09/04 In the Temple of Heaven.

08/28 After another small ride, I reached the real destination, the Pacific Ocean!

08/28 On the way back, I could celebrate kilometer 11.000

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