07/22 Reached Mongolia!

07/22 Short after the border, the 9.000km celebration took place.

07/22 Young woman in the countryside.

07/22 People taking a bath near Suhbaatar.

07/22-23 As the night came near, I drove a little of the street and asked these Nomads if I could put my tend up next to their ger. No problem. I had the chance to see what the Mongolian live is really at my first night in Mongolia!

07/22 The night was full of thunderbolts.

07/23 It got more hilly

07/23 Budism is now the main picture on the hills.

07/ Straight ........

07/ Animals and their keepers.

07/23-25 Mongolian people.

07/ Sheepskin been loaded and transported.

07/25 Hungarian people driving an old Pannonia motorbike with sidecar and a Robur truck from Hungary to China.

07/ A volvo ralley with 80 cars bypassed me on their way from Amsterdam to Beijing.

07/25 Another stop at a village, we cross-checked our vehicles.

07/25 Stopping for a prayer.

07/25 Close to Ulan Bator, I stopped at this small Monastery. The monks invited me to salted tee and rice with raisins.

07/25 I reached Ulan Bator!

08/05 Cycling through the Gobi dessert was really hard. This camel did not made it...

08/12 The 10.000km celebration in the middle of the Gobi dessert. With a German beer, a present from another German on a car passing by.

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