Russia g: Irkutsk - lake Baikal - Ulan Ude - Mongolian border

07/10 The street between Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

07/10 Reached the mighty Lake Baikal!

07/14 Enjoying the Omul fish and...

07/14 ...taking a bath in the cold water...

07/14 ...the sunset at the lake.

07/11 The Trans-Sib.

07/12 I caught a could and need to rest 2 days in Baikalsk.

07/13 One of the fine ladies (Babushka) of Baikalsk.

07/14 Boy drinking water the local way.

07/14 Mosquito drinking blood the local way.

07/15 The streets tend to be hard-core for overloaded trucks...

07/15 Coming closer to the last big city Ulan Ude.

07/ Monastery in the Selenga delta

07/16 This Russian painter slept in the rooms belonging to the Monastery too.

07/16 Soviet torch.

07/16 Camping at the bank of Selenga, this Russians integrated me instantly into their family.

07/17-20 Ulan Ude

07/20 Drinking my last Kwas just before my back wheel broke down. Both Hub and rim broke...

07/20 ... so I had to turn back to Ulan Ude to repair my super heavy duty material (har har)

07/20 36 degree Celsius - refreshing fruits from the side of the road.

07/20 Last small city before the border to Mongolia Gusinoozersk - a little forgotten by the time...

07/20 But people still having their private feasts.

07/20 Found in the staircase of my Hotel:

07/21 Landscape and Animalscape within are becoming more interesting.

07/ ...even on the streets.

07/21 These girls showed me the way to the next water supply .... just there was no water ;-) Nice ride anyway.

07/21 Again hilly - This bus used additional cooling.

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