Russia f: Krasnoyarsk - Irkutsk

06/27 Very happy to be invited by the people of the local marked of Krasnoyarsk.

06/29 Some way to Irkutsk...

06/30 Street scene in a little village at the M51.

06/30 Preparing to watch the final football match of the European football championship 08 (Germany vs. Spain (0:1)).

07/01 Street conditions haven't been perfect all the time...

07/02 Car passing by.

07/02 Street worker relaxing.

07/03 Wishes and reality...

07/03 I asked for permission to take this picture. But something must have upset this guy.

07/03 Old guy at the bridge.

07/04 Street scene in Tulun.

07/04 Small village.

07/05 Klaus jumping in Siberia.

07/05 This old lady invited me into her house for tea and plini. She was wonderful!

07/08 Children carrying water home.

07/05 Quite hot. 35 Degree Celsius.

07/06 8.000 km celebration

07/06 First signs of the Budism.

07/06 Flip this picture horizonal and you know where Bill Gates got the Windows XP background from.

07/07 Quite foggy at 7am.

07/07 Reached Irkutsk.

07/08 In the streets of Irkutsk.

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