Russia e: Novosibirsk - Krasnoyarsk

06/17 Leaving Novosibirsk.

06/18 My Hotel in a small village next to the M51.

06/18 Transsiberian Railroad train passing me.

06/18 Typical road here. It's getting slowly hilly.

06/18-24 People selling everything at the road shoulder.

06/18 After a 167km day, the sun sets and no place to sleep. The administrator of this Hotel gave me the Billiard room couch for free.

06/19 waiting for........ ?

06/19 These owners of the small bistro at the street invited me to a original Turkmenistan dinner.

06/19 At a magazin where I stopped to refill my provisions, I had a chat with these locals.

06/19 The path to my wild camp ground on the other side of the creek (with good views).

06/20 Images taken on the streets in the city of Mariinsk.

06/20 This birthday party invited me for a couple of Vodka shots. I hurried back to my bike when they were mentioning the the birthday child is not married and started asking these questions...

06/20 After taking a bath in the nearby creek, I had some fun with the local boys.

06/21 Tortured by the Siberian mosquitos.

06/23 The mosquitos are severe especially when you drive slowly up a hill. The only things that keeps them away are: a) Speeding up to more then 40km/h or b) smoke.
Seen from this angle this car is bringing relieve to the cyclist.

06/22 Men catching fish near Ashinsk.

06/22 The Ashinsk supermarket has a remarkable bread department (but no Snickers:-( ).

06/22 I met Roland again on the way. These nice Swiss people offered him a ride.

06/22 Looks like a left-over from the Olympics 1972 in Munich, Germany (colour wise).

06/22 Scenes form the 45 residents village Mosharskij.

06/22 Shortly after Mosharskij, I reached the 7.000 km mark. Celebration! (Just missed to take an image of the speedo).

06/22 The first 4 leaves clover, I found on this tour!

06/23 People checking my bike at a resting area (Kafe) next to the road.

06/23 U-Turn on the motorway ...

06/23 Money, junk and fast-xxx is meeting with the old Russian tradition of enjoying a drink of Kwas from one of this little tank vehicles.
Kwas (= Brotdrunk), tastes better then it sounds, especially when the temperature is high.

06/23 In Krasnoyarsk. Lenin is looking over Uliza Karl Marxa to the city park.

06/23-27 Krasnoyarsk in moving pictures

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