Russia d: Omsk - Novosibirsk

06/08 In Omsk, we ate the delicious gastronomic specialities.

06/09 The Caritas in Omsk gave us shelter. Thanks. Below is my room with my "Allak" tent. It is always important to get the last wetness out of the fabrics.

06/09 One of my bags needed fixing. The local sewer helped me.

06/09 Roland doing his Internet work in an underground internet cafe. This always takes us 5+ hours.

06/11 Fresh fish from the road.

06/11 Preparing for the night.

06/12 Motorcycle with sidecar Russian style.

06/12 Burning fields on our route. But nothing serious.

06/13 The 6.000 km celebration somewhere between Omsk and Novosibirsk.

06/13 A storm is coming up.

06/13 The group of Dutch cyclists (see people I met) we had met earlier where exhausted and hiding from the rain.

06/15 Klaus

06/15 Obviously, we made it to Novosibirsk!

06/15 Yep, that's what you expect deep in Siberian Russia.

06/15 Actually, Novosibirsk is a nice lively city. We had a sunny day in the city park

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