Russia c: Yekaterinburg - Omsk

05/26 In the rain, we made it to Yekaterinburg.

05/27 Having lunch with our host, Priest Anton.

05/27 Preparing the tent for the next stages.

06/02 After Yekaterinburg, we had about two or three rays of sunshine. We made good use of them: 5.000 km!

05/28 The weather wasn't all that nice to us...

06/04 An image of children taken in small village a little of the road while I was waiting for Roland to get the beers for the night.

06/04 The roads inside these small villages are in very bad shape after heavy rain showers.

06/05 Roland is buying some pare parts for his bike. Actually, he was not buying, as the local guy gave him everything for free. He was quite enthusiastic about out tour.

06/05 That's the heaviest ascent I have every seen. At least on this sign ;-)

06/05 Cowboys in Russia!

06/07 I cannot help myself, but there must be something wrong with the car.

06/07 At the last day on the way to Omsk, we had at least some hours of sun. If just the headwind haven't been that bad. The outdoor table was rearranged by us from the inside. The local truck driver seem to like it too.

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