Russia b: Moscow - Yekaterinburg

05/10 Just left Moscow: My 3.000 km beer is awaiting me!

05/10 Vladimir Cathedrals

05/11 Another Monastery at the side of the road.

05/12 Nizhny Novgorod. Enjoying an ice cold Kwas (Brotdrunk) with Evan.

05/12 Another view on Nizhny Novgorod

05/13 Sweden is everywhere.

05/13 The streets were getting worse.

05/13 Evan with our dinner.

05/16 Kazan, Evan left here and Roland came on board.

05/16 Last evening with Evan...

05/18 Reminds me to some old movies about the Sowjet Union.

05/18,20 Camping somewhere in Siberia with Roland. His tatoo shows the Chinese Saintly Emperor Guan Gong!

05/21 Russia gave us a lot of oportunities to celebrate: here is the 5.000 km mark.

05/19 Hard work!

05/22 Into the Ural mountains.

05/22 Another beautiful sunset at our camp.

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