Russia a: Smolensk - Moscow

05/01 Russia! I reached the land; I had so many dreams of - all made by people who had not been there (including me, who had been there only once). I was about to make my own picture...

05/01 Dinner in Smolensk.

05/02 Still in Smolensk, the bike shop of Alexej and friend. My bike already needed some repairs.

05/02 One of the many Cathedrals of Smolensk

05/03 Pawel Sergeev who cycled for Team Banesto gave me a bed and a great dinner in Safonowo. He is into "Russian business" (see pic on the right).

05/04 One of the many World War II memorials on the way.

05/04 Enjoying shashlik on the side of the street.

05/05 Every evening, I am looking of a spot to pitch my tent. To be "invisible" to the street, I have to push the bike through some trees.

05/06 Moscow. Impressive...

05/06 ... and descriptive

05/06 Red square - after 2.801km.

05/07 Colours of Russia.

05/07 The Gum department store at the red square. You can zoom and pan with your mouse in the picture below. Click into it, give it a try...

05/07 My German dentist in Moscow. He was the last resort before long.

05/08 Evan joined me for a couple of weeks from Moscow on.

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