04/20 The Belarussian border.

04/20 The Intourist Hotel in Brest. Tourists have to pay a little more (prices left for Belarussians, middle: Russian and on the right side for me, the tourist from the West)

04/21 Railway museum.

03/21 Breast fortress

04/21 Lovers are hanging locks on the bridges here.

04/21 Special food for men only ;-)

04/22 Trying to escape from the main route....

04/22 A little like Bavaria.

04/22 Take a look at his chair.

04/22 Fuel is very cheap here.

04/22 Architecture

04/23 Another campground in the forest

04/23 street scene with park.

04/23 Fighter plane next to the street.

03/23 Storks are present all the time.

04/23 Another cyclist,

04/dd Lenin.

04/24 How to buy products "Reisebedarf" next to the motorway.

04/25 The 2.000km celebration 25km away from Minsk

04/25 Misnk!

03/26 Pictures taking on my rest day in Minsk.

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