04/07 Poland greets us without rain - what could we wish more ;-)

04/08 It got a little better the other day.

04/08 On your knees Martin!

04/08 This man was skeptically watching us pack our bike-backs.

04/08 On his way...

04/08 I used one of the fabulous Polish Skleps...

04/08 ...to buy the ingredients of the...

04/08 ...traditional 1.000km celebration...

04/08 ...prepared by my brave attendant Floz ...

04/08 ... Polish Tyske beer!

04/08 Still, we made it into Wroclaw (Breslau).

04/10 Days later, the pope blesses my bike.

04/10 In another small village in the middle of Poland.

04/10 The fog started.

04/10 A friendly shop owner had mercy with me and gave me a cup of coffee.

04/11 Is it a puncture? It really looked like, but in the end I had to put the tube back without changing anything. Looks like a schleichender Platten.

04/11 This is where the tent stood just an hour before.

04/12 I think I got it!

04/13 On the last day on the way to Warsaw, I had sunny weather. Nice to take the Müsli in the sun.

04/15 Impressions drom Warsaw

04/16 Quite clear what you can expect from this shop.

04/16 Kazimirz Nowak was one of the first cyclists who explored the African continent. The exhibition was just on time for me in Warsaw.

04/16 An old man waiting on his horse wagon.

04/17 I was hungry and enjoyed that meal at the gas station.

04/17 The family, that gave me shelter for one night after my day in the rain.

04/18 The people there helped to misslead the V2 weapon in WW2. So London built them this memorial.

04/18 My hosts gave me this heartly good-bye message. Thanks!.

04/18 Roland! We was waiting on the marked square in Bila Podlaska. We was still waiting for the Belarussian and Russian visa and the waited an other week there before returning home and taking the big efforts to get the permits. Later we cycled together in Russia.

04/18 Advertisement and reality. Where's the beaf??? Still hungry adterwards...

04/20 The Poland-Belarus border does not allow bicycles to pass. So I had to put my bike in a car for the crossing.

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