Czech Republic

04/02 Entering the Czech Republic.

04/02 Most of the time, we just ignore road closed signs. But sometimes, there is just no way...

04/03 Czech Architecture.

04/03 Near Eger. Nice.

04/03 Martin is taking an image.

04/03 Frame taken into the evening sun.

04/04 Short lunch break at a butcher with awful Fleischkäse.

04/04 Chocolate makes Martin way more happy!

04/04 Our bivouac.

04/05 The night was freezy cold.

04/05 Somewhere in Czechia.

04/05 interessting letter-boxes.

04/05 An old Skoda.

04/05 Drying our tents at lunchtime.

04/05 OT Martin: "Der Kessel muss unter Dampf stehen"

04/05 Hope it doesn't boil away...

04/05 We're not going into the pub without our bikes!!!

04/07 Getting over to Poland...

04/07 ... and the results of it: My brake pads - new vs. old!

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