03/25 Frankfurt: My empty flat. All lights are green for the start tomorrow.

03/26 Wiesbaden. Looking out of the window an hour before the start...

03/26 Wiesbaden. Start!

03/26 Wiesbaden. Still a little bit snowy, but this stuff melted away fast.

03/26 Frankfurt. The Römer.

03/26 The first flat tire after only 15km.

03/27 This is how Andreas is coping with his sitting challenges.

03/28 The flooding of the last days are still apparent.

mm/dd The weather got better and better.

03/29 Frankonian (in the province of Bavaria) impressions:

04/01 Bayreuth. Andreas is handing over his co-pilot job to Martin.

04/01 First break with Martin.

04/01 still sun there...

04/01 Oh no! One of our valuables is broken... Martin saved the most important part (for him).

04/01 flat tire no 1/3 for this day.

04/01 And this was no 2/3.

04/01 We found a roof...

04/d01 ...but it was still cold and in the morning...

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