Holmavík - Blönduós

07/05The Icelanders love big vehicles.

07/16 An emergency shelter at the summit of a pass in the Westfjords.

07/16 Inside the shelter

07/22 The traditional 1.000km celebration. With a local beer.

07/22 Leaving the Westfjords, the landscape starts to get less hilly.

07/22 Iceland is the Island of waterfalls...

07/22 Another time, the road turns into a trail.

07/22 Iceland horses

07/23 Lunch beside the road. If just the bread would stay as is and not crumble into pieces.

07/24 Next to the campground in Blönduós, young people having fun moving the lawn

07/24 A team of about 20 Hymer caravans have taken about every square meter of the campsite.

07/24 The people at the petrol station were looking quite surprised when I played for 0,29 litre of unleaded fuel (for my kitchen).

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