07/25 The first part into the Iceland highland trail is quite well marked.

07/25 Nice scenery, the really bad road conditions have not started so far...

07/25 ...here we go. Who said it would be easy?

07/25 Then, after about 100km, I reached Hveravellier.

07/25 The view to the two glaciers is great, but only second to a bath in the hot springs.

07/26 Continuing further on the Kjölur, I took Ásgardsfjall along the way.

07/26 Some fords have to be passed.

07/26 The the old ski ressort of Ásgardsfjall, my French neighbors were fighting the wind with their medium elaborated "Aldi" tent.

07/27 Next day the weather started nice. The roads greeted me with the same surface as I left them the day before.

07/27 At the last parts of the Kjölur, I had to take the water from the top.

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