07/08 Barðaströnd. Nice campsite. See the tents of Guntram from Berlin and me.

07/09 Climbing up the hills heading to Latrabjarg.

07/10 Cliffs of Latrabjarg.

07/10 Latrabjarg. Breeding Herring gull.

07/10 Latrabjarg. Young puffin spreading wings.

07/14 Cycling at the Suðurfierðir fjord.

07/15 Taking the Hornatær pass.

07/15 The Dynjandi waterfall.

07/15 Hrafnseyri, where I discovered a very beautiful attraction...

07/16 Önundarfjöður.

07/16 Traditional fish drying near Flateyri.

07/17 Isarfjöður, the biggest town of the Westfjords. Here I was able (at least for a short while) to extend the experience with the breathtaking beauty of Iceland...

07/18 @ 10pm A long ride from Isarfjörðr to Holmavik. I cooked dinner beside the road, before I continued cycling.

07/19 Near Nauteyri. Cooking inside my tent while it was raining outside. Nothing was set on fire!

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