Keflavík - Snæfellsnes

07/02 2am Keflavík. The plane was meant to arrive shortly after midnight, but was delayed. I did not find the nearby campsite, so I cycled the 50km to Reykjavík though the rain. This was the first time that my cycling day was over at 6:30am.

07/03 First Iceland impressions.

07/05 Riding the Snæfellsnes peninsula. The spokes made some strange sounds. Even my unloading and repair trials did not show any impact, so I kept on riding with this kind of music.

07/06 The lighthouse of Saxhosbjarg at the very west of Snæfellsnes

07/06 The arctic tern is very aggressive when breeding. They attacked me a couple of times when I was riding too near to their nests.

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