11/23 I made it to Portugal. A long ride till dawn, but I made it!

11/24 After crossing the border to Portugal, the flat "Altiplano" stopped and was replaced by the Serra Estella.

11/24 The direction, I was given by a local guy in Guarda.

11/24 The old way of doing the washing.

11/25 Autumn in the Serra

11/27 A bad awakening, when my whole food was infected by ants.

11/27 The soccer stadium at Leira, where some games of the European championship will take place in 2004

11/27 Good weather for the surfers...

11/28 In Portugal, not all signs were taken too seriously.

11/29 At the most western point of continental Europe: The Capo da Roca, about 30 km Northwest of Lisbon.

12/01 Impressions of Lisbon.

12/04 Sometimes, when the pavement is gone, it's hard to push.

12/04 But the 14000km reward awaited me at night!

12/06 This day, when I left the town of Faro to cross the border into Spain again, heavy weather followed me. I made it to the next gas station, where I utilized the waiting time for some posing in front of a very special mirror.

Who need these expensive fisheye lenses???

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