11/09 Entering Spain. The crowd was yelling at me because a big run was stared half an hour behind me. This gave me a real nice ride for about 20 km on an empty priority 1 routes.

11/09 San Sebastian. This is where I met these nice ladies from all over the world.

11/09 I took dinner in a traditional Spanish bar, eating tapas, drinking beer and watching on TV how Seville was hammering down Real Madrid.

11/10,13 The youth hostel in Bilbao looks like a hotel. It lacks a public kitchen, but breakfast was included. This is not England anymore. But much better then France.

11/14 The Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. Very modern. Not only the architecture but as well the exhibits. Some need real hard thinking to be understood.

11/15 Back on the coast, I had the luxury on an extraordinary cycle path.

11/16 When do you have the punctures? Yep, when it's raining like hell and you are going uphil. The name of little village where it happened to me, was La Montana.

11/18 On the top of the 1609m pass "Puerto de San Glorio".

11/20 Salamanca, Plaza Major.

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