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08/06 One of the famous Hurtigruten ships travelling through the islands at the cost of Norway.

08/07 Henningsvær on the Vesterålen islands.

08/07 From this point on, I build up my tent on incredible scenic places. I had to watch my steps when heading out of the tent.

08/08 The first spoke broke after over 6000 km. Luckily, a garage followed half a kilometre later.

08/09 Another pleasant camp site, this time on the Lofoten.

08/09 I bought some stockfish, the traditional food of this region.

08/09 A bald eagle. Travelling with open eyes enabled to see a lot of them.

08/09 7.000 km celebration, exact at the city limit sign of Å, the most southern village of the Lofoten.

08/09 Å is a romantic place with a lot of old houses serving as a museum.

08/12 Vegetables.

08/12 The Saltstrømmen, a huge tide flow. BTW: These boats and people are real, no miniatures.

08/12 There is light at the end of the tunnel.

08/13 A four-leaf clover, I just found at my lunch place.

08/13 This is the kind of signs bicyclists love. They are just hard to reach.

08/13 Sunset somewhere north of Namsos.

08/15 After about 4000 km in Scandinavia, finally my first moose.

08/17 Traditional Norwegian dress.

08/17 Real man cut real fish.

08/18 Uploading these pictures in the middle of Fjordland.

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