Norway I II III IV

07/24 6.000 km! I got this beer from a friendly german tourist.

07/25 Mahlzeit, healthy food is important for sporty people!

07/25 Going uphill.

07/26 The Altafjord.

07/26 The very first Ortlieb model. Still alive.

07/26 Another impression from the Altafjord.

07/27 This is a nice view from inside my tend.

07/27 Salmon breeding in the fjord.

07/27 A singing bird accompanied me on my way.

08/01 Left: This looks like a lot of weather... but, Right: it could just get better.

08/02 Drying my tent at the balcony of the youth hostel in Andernes.

08/04 Whale watching near Andernes, where the ocean is about 1000 meter deep.

08/05 Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis (sea raven). A lot of them.

08/05 My favourite drink in Norway. At least one isKaffe per day!

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