People I met (E) - South America

 09/21 Tolar: Brian Mitchell from the US - on his way from Colombia to Ushuaia. (I was having a flat here - the tires in the background are mine)

 09/28 Salar de Uyuni: Patrick Gridley (l) and Kevin Gridley from Canada - on their way from Alaska to Ushuaia.

 10/06 Laguna Colorada: Stéphane from Saint Cassien, France on his 4 month tour around Bolivia.

 10/09 Laguna Blanca: Alex Kraus from Salzburg, Austria is heading North: From Ushuaia to Alaska. April 2013 - open end.

 10/19 Salinas Grande, Jujuy: Luis Arthur Chargas from Curitiba, Brasil on his way to Santiago de Chile. Blog: do atlantico ao pacifico 2013

 11/26 Santiago de Chile: Kyu Hong Lee from Santiago. He just started his journey down to Ushuaia. He may head up to Canada from there...

 12/03 Villarrica, Chile: Camille Bochet & Alain Foehn from Genf, Switzerland. On the bicycles for 8 month from Lima to Ushuaia. Blog: Lima to Cape Horn 2013

 12/06 San Junin de los Andes: Elsa Herraez from Mallorca and Marc Lanoue from Massachusetts on a world-trip. Blog: abicyclestory

 12/06 San Martin de los Andes: Thomas Tranefors from Gothenburg, Sweden. He is riding across Argentina and into Santiago.

 12/06 San Martin de los Andes and later on Christmas in Coyhaique: A very friendly Swiss family on bicycles: Stefan, Melinda, Yael and Leandro. They started may, 2013 in Quito and are riding for 8 month to Ushuaia. And - they did the Laguna route in Bolivia : Chapeau!

 12/08 Siete Lagos: Guilherme Jamco from Brazil going to Canada.

 12/08 Siete Lagos: Thom Zuger from Switzerland on his way from San Martin de los Andes to Ushuaia.

 12/09 Siete Lagos: Alba Arnadillo Sauper from Orio, España (Pais Vasco). She is riding for two month from Bariloche to Mendoza.

 12/09 Siete Lagos: German Roman Fliegel from San Francisco. He is riding 4 month criss-cross in Chile and Argentina.

 12/09 Siete Lagos: Mruviaio Satori from Entre Lagos, Argentina.

 12/09 Siete Lagos: These two French cyclists are Daniel and Frederique . They sold everything and are now free to roam the world on their bicycles. Blog: lescampette

 12/11 Bariloche: Kate Brown and Ian Brown from Wales, GB. They are riding north from Ushuaia to Colombia for about 9 month.

 12/17 Futaleufú: Two cyclists from Spain.

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