People I met (D) - South America

 04/13 Cartagena, Colombia: Aldona Ochalek and Marek Leimigstem from Poland riding from Santiago Chile to Canada

 04/13 Cartagena, Colombia: Amaury Aguilar from Queretaro, Mexico riding through Central America home to Mexico. Webpage: bicitur

 04/13 Cartagena, Colombia: Sarah and Sven from Baden, Switzerland coming up from Ushuaia. Webpage: Fahradies

 04/19: Didier Perez from Barcelona, Colombia is now ride his bike for five years.

 04/20 Colombia: Michael Ratkewitz and Vladimir Kunow from Moscow going from Mexico to Argentina. Webpage: Lets bike it

 05/06 Cali, Colombia: George Alvarez from Puerto Madryn, Argentina. On the road since one year. Heading from home North as far as it's possible. Trying to cycle the US, but could be hard because Visas for people from Argentina are not easy to get.

 05/07 Cali, Colombia: Paul Brossier from Paris. In Oct 2011 he started in San Francisco. (Webpage: moving piem). Marie Walker (Webpage: The Long Distance Truth) from Sacramento, California. She started from Arizona in Nov 2011 and met Paul in Aquascalientes in Mexico. They are a couple now and are riding to Ushuaia and beyond.

 06/05 Between Alausi and Chunchi: 7 Ecuadorian people on their ride for nature. For ClimaCleando, they ride zig-zag through Ecuador.

 06/28 Desierto de Sechura, Northern Peru: Affonso Prad from Brazil on his one and a half year trip from Brazil first down to Ushuaia and from there up to Canada.

 06/29 Desierto de Sechura, Northern Peru: Tim Bogdanov from Gothenborg, Sweden. Cycling for 8 month from Santiago de Chile to Quito. Webpage:

 07/03 Casa de ciclista, Trujillo, Peru: Between Berthold an me : Caro and Arthur from France riding a tandem from Northern Colombia down to Ushuaia. Facebook: tandamsud. On the right side is Jean Baptiste, another French cyclist.

 07/07 Casa de ciclista, Trujillo, Peru: Simon and Silvia Mathis from Zürich, Switzerland. The siblings started 4 and a half month ago in Puebla, Mexico and are on the way to Ushuaia. Blog: zweiaufdemrad

 07/15 Yuramarca: Stefan and Magali from Switzerland. Blog: demainestencoreloin

 07/17 Peruvian coast: Ryan O'Connell from New Zealand on a two month trip through Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

 07/30 Peru South of Lima to La Paz, Bolivia: Elmar & Lisa Deppe, teachers from Mönchengladbach, Germany. We met in a small Hostel in Mala and rode loose together for the next 7 weeks. They started in Lima and are heading down South to Chile / Argentina for about half a year.

 08/07 100km east of Nasca: Elise and Emmanuel Boissinot from Rennes, France. Their trip: From Lima to Santiago de Chile. Very funny blog: Andes-y-cyclettes

 08/08 Peru near Puqio: Birgit and Anders from Trondheim, Norway. Start: June 2012 with the Trondheim - Oslo race. Rode to Barcelona. Plane to Ushuaia. Now heading to Alaska. Blog: lynvingen

 08/09 Puqio: Jun & Rie from Kyoto, Japan. On the way from Buenos Aires to Lima.

 08/17 Cusco: Hendrik Frederiksen from Denmark. Started in April 2011 from home to New Zealand, flew to Ushuaia from where he is now heading to Alaska. Blog: worldonbike

 08/20 Cusco, Estrellita: Sonja & Tilo from Gstaad, Switzerland and Munich, Germany. Their 11 month trip: From Quito to Ushuaia und then North to Uruguay.

 08/21 Cusco, Estrellita: Father Christian & son Tim Hägler from Flims Switzerland. The trip: Antofagasta - Cusco in 6 weeks. Many thanks again for the bicycle-mirror, Chistian gave me as a very much needed present!

 08/22 Cusco, Estrellita: Agnes und Christopher Knapp from Vorarlberg, Austria. The open end honeymoon-trip is going from Ushuaia northward. Blog: lunademiel

 08/27 Cusco: Sarah Bedford and James Butcher from Cambridge, England. They started July 2011 in Anchorage and are heading to Ushuaia. Blog: big-sur

 08/29 Cusco, Estrellita: Julia Flury and Roger Aalbisser from Luzern, Switzerland. They started January 2013 in Ushuaia and rode to Cusco. Next: Colombia, then the famous Silkroad back home to Switzerland. Blog: Weiterfahren

 09/04 Altiplano between Cusco and Puno: Daniela Borchers and Simon Karsties from Hamburg, Germany on their way from Buenos Aires via Mendoza to Colombia and then somehow to Tierra del Fuego. Blog: bikearoundsouthamerica

 09/14 La Paz: Martin and Andexer Kurt from Salzburg, Austria. Father and son are riding since April 2013. Father Andexer left in La Paz, Martins journey has an open end.

 09/16 La Paz, Casa de ciclista: Family on Bikes: Steve, Pippa, Henry (13) and Charlie (11) Genner: Started Sept 2012 in Mexico going South with an open end for their tour. Blog: Genners on crazyguyonabike

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