People I met (B) - USA Mainland to Mexico

 09/19 - Olympic peninsula, close to Sequim: Eireen and Michael Johne and their dog Luca. They started at Munich, cycled to Shanghai, from where they flew over to Seattle. They are now on the way to South America. Webpage:

 09/20 - Seattle: Loic Munaroe from Paris - And that's where he started - going east till Japan - then over to Vancouver. He will ride his bike to Ushuaia and then somehow travel back to France. Blog: loicvelomonde

 09/23 - Olympic peninsula: Two Americans cycling the west coast.

 09/26 - Hwy101: Kate and Rien Burchell. Riding from Colorado to California.

 09/26 - Hwy101: Krista Marquez and Mallory Watje from Santa Barbara on the way from Portland / Seattle to San Francisco. They are playing music, so they had an electric guitar on "board".

 09/27 - Hwy101: A whole group of crazy US bicyclists doing a mixed canoue / bicycle trip from Alaska to Ushuaia: Chris, Jen, Kanaan & Andrew. Webpage:

 09/28 - Hwy101: Jaysmil Parmar from Auckland, NZ on his way from Vancouver to Tijuana.

 09/28 - Hwy101: Eric Baxter the pyrotechnican from Hollywood. Riding the West Coast.

 09/30 - Bandon: Anita Wehling from Regensburg, Germany. She is on a trip from Alaska to South America.

 09/30 - Bandon: Lisa Ventimiglia from Milwaukee. She is, beside other things, a professional dive instructor and a great adventurer who has done astonishing trips on food and on bike. She crossed the US a couple of times by food and so on... This trip brings her from Alaska to Mexico. I loved to cycle a couple of days with Lisa. I am sure we will see us again on some wild remote track!

 10/02 - Hwy101: Sam from Philadelphia with all his living food ;-)

 10/02 - Hwy101: James Broom and Marie Holm from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

 10/03 - Arcata, CA: Ines and Axel Greune from Potsdam, Germany. On the way from Fairbanks to San Diego on bike and other means of transportation. Open and honest people, I had a short but great time with them.

 10/06 - Eureka, CA: Jade Knudsen from San Francisco on tour: Portland - SF.

 10/07 - Hwy101: Georgina Combes and Rowan Gray from London: Going from Seattle to San Diego. Blog

 10/09 - Hwy101: Elvis Muni from Tanzania on a around the world trip. Webpage: Chile to Kili

 10/11 - Sausalito: Erik Roxfelt from Österskät close to Stockholm, Sweden. He is one of the very few cyclists who ride the West Coast South to North (mostly headwind): from San Francisco to Oregon.

 10/17 - Hwy101: A whole group of cyclists from the US who were not wasting too much time on planning but start to ride. I met the two girls and the middle guy later again between LA and San Diego.

 10/18 - Hwy101: Trish & Chriss Plante from Vancouver cycling down the coast. Webpage:

 10/18 - Hwy101: Peter Himp from Harford, California riding from South to North.

 10/19 - Hwy101 South of LA: Peter Rothe from Darmstadt, Germany. On his way from Seattle to San Diego.

 11/02 - San Diego: Damien from Sidney, Australia on his way from San Diego to Panama. I crossed together with him into Mexico.

 11/06 - Ensenada, Baja California: Sabrina and Olivier from Arlon, Belgium. On the way from Montreal to Ushuaia.

 11/10 - San Diego: Berthold Amann from Deckenpfronn close to Stuttgart, Germany. We started only a couple of days apart in Anchorage. He is on his way South - until he will run out of time. I am riding with Berthold since Baja California.

 11/10 - El Rosarito, Baja California: Anita Grandt and Dirk Grandl from Münster, Germany. They started in Alaska and are heading down to South America. I rode with them and Berthold on the Baja California. We hat a lot of fun together. Webpage:

 11/30 - Baja California: Meagham Hackinen und Toby Sheldon from BC, Canada. They are going from Vancouver to Mexico. Webpage:

 11/30 - Sierra Gigante: Tanel from Turku, Estonia. He was riding with Loic in China and is now on his way to Argentina. Blog

 12/03 - Baja California Sur: Dado & Manuelle from Rome, Italy. They are riding from San Diego to Guatemala. We met these guys in the morning when we all came out of the same "stealth" camping place in the cacti fields. Webpage:

 12/17 - Mex15 Cuota: Shahmeer Azmat and Dylan Withers from the US. On the way from Seattle to Ushuaia. Webpage: Tenthousand South

 01/19 - East of Puebla: Two Mexican cyclists on their way cross the country to their home in the North of Mexico. Didn't get their names as the busy Autobahn was between us.

 01/20 - Veracruz: Johanne and Pedro from Quebec, Canada. They are on a around-the-world trip since April 2011. Webpage: Veloreve

 01/31 Palenque: PanAm cyclist from Canada.

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