People I met (A) - Alaska to Canada

 06-07 - Alaska: Jörg Schanbacher from Stuttgart-Feuerbach. We had a lot of fun riding the first months together. He is on the way to Ushuaia too.

 06/02 - Alaska: Vincent & Jeff from USA, doing a round trip in Alaska.

 06/07 - Denali National Park: This guy is from the USA, cycling Alaska with his huge tire bicycle.

 06/07 - Denali National Park: Dave and Sarah from England on their way to Mexico (Webpage).

 06/23 - Dalton Highway: Silvia and Matt from Poland and England. These incredible couple are close to the end of the big trip. They started in Ushuaia in December 2010, 20 month ago, and now are only 4 days away from their final destination: Prudhoe bay. That's their Webpage.

 06/23 - Dalton Highway: Will Cunningham from Depew, New York. On his bike from Prudhoe Bay to Florida. He was having problems with the back wheel where the spokes broke quite too often. I met him a couple of times later on the Alaska Highway. He has a lot stories to tell - and so he does... ;-)

 06/25 - Dalton Highway: Josh Peterson cycling around Alaska and more.

 07/01 - Fairbanks: Helmut Mutschler from Renningen, Germany. Cycling north from Vancouver to Anchorage. He gave me some great camping tips for the upcoming route.

 07/06 - Alaska Highway: Dave Plaskett who just moved from Hawaii to Alaska. He must have liked it so much there, that not 2 weeks later, Dave started his bicycle trip to Peru. Here is his blog on crazyguyonabike

 07/06 - Alaska Highway: Renee Gaudet, a high school teacher from Montreal, Canada. She had done a lot of trips in Canada. This time Renee is heading from Anchorage to Seattle.

 07/08 - Alaska Highway: Engelbert Gassner from Heiligenblut in Austria, where he is a mountain guide for the Grossglockner area. He started in Fairbanks. I enjoyed to ride a couple of days with Engelbert until he reached his destination Whitehorse.

 07/09 - Alaska Highway: Daniel Bayley from Pedding, California. You can watch his tour from Alaska to his home on Facebook.

 07/10 - Alaska Highway: Laura Balogh from Canada on her way to Alaska. Here is her blog.

 07/12 - Alaska Highway 30 km south of Whitehorse: Valerie Allard and Christophe Benoit from Montreal, Canada. On racing bikes they will ride from Whitehorse to Anchorage and back.

 07/13 - Whitehorse: Martina Gees (blog) and Monika Loder (blog) from Switzerland. The powerful young cyclists are already a quite long time on wheels. Both started in South America where they united after a couple of month and are since then a team. They have been to Alaska but are now riding back to the US border though Canada. They said that this will be the last stretch - I just do not know if I can believe that...

 07/15 - Whitehorse: Malin Lindström from a small town close to Umeå, Sweden. Malin is pedalling from Winnipeg, Canada to Anchorage in Alaska. She is an awesome active person, as can been seen on her blog.

 07/16 - Whitehorse: Maksim Kalashnikov, a guy original from Moldavia, now living in New York. He is saving every gram of weight from his luggage on his way from Prudhoe Bay to Seattle. The good thing: I had to take care of his leftover beer cans ;-)

 07/22 - Watson Lake: John Langbein and Karen Davis from Redwood city, California. On a five week trip trough Canada.

 07/22 - Watson Lake: On the left: Michelle Müller is on a six month trip around the world using different transport vehicles. For the two month in Canada, he choose the bicycle. On the right: Michael de Mel from Basel-Land in Switzerland is attending Michelle on the part through Canada.

 08/11 - Prince George: The Biciclown Alvaro is on the road for nearly 10 years now. I met him the first time in Patagonia on my 2002 South-America bicycle trip (see people I met on my "South America Tour 2002"). This is his webpage:

 08/11 - Prince George: Pablo Garcia from Argentina, on the road for 10+ years. This is his webpage:

 08/19 - Jasper NP: James Crawfort from Vancouver. The baker and software engineer spends his two-weeks holiday between Jasper and Banff. We met a couple of times and had a good time.

 08/22 - Two Italian cyclists on the other side of the highway, which was impossible to cross. So I do not know more about them.

 08/27 - Okanagan Valley: Yvonne and Danica from Germany on the way from Whitehorse, Yukon to Panama. Here in Tim Hortons working on their blog

 09/02 - Kelowna: Daniel and Katrin Kläsi from Switzerland on a 10 week trip in Canada (Watson Lake, Cassier Hw, Vancouver, Kettle Valley railway)

 09/02 - Kelowna: Raphael Chevalier from Quebec, Canada: coming back from a tour on the Kettle Valley railway. blog

 09/05 - close to Princeton: Roel and Mia, two Dutch cyclists from Vancouver Island on a three week trip.

 09/08 - close to Hope ;-): Levin Lessmann from Waibstadt, close to Heidelberg Germany. On his way from Vancouver to his winter job in the Canadian ski resorts.

 09/14 - Tsawwassen: Bob Stout and Mike Musto: two great cyclists from Tsawwassen. I met Bob four years ago in Florida crossing the US. I stayed and relaxed a couple of days in his house.

 09/17 - Vancouver Island: Greg and Bill Korn, two brothers from Santa Maria, California. On a ride from Seattle to Vancouver

 09/19 - Vancouver Island: Andrew Phillips. We met on the ferryboat to the US. He is on his way down to Mexico.

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