Norway (2nd time)

07/24 I took the Hurtigrouten boat from Kirkenes to Vardø

07/24on the move

07/24 I am out pretty late. Rewarded by these clouds.

07/25 near Varsø

07/25 I encountered harsh arctic climate up in the North. But there is always some room for the fragile.

07/26 fast moving object approaching.

07/27 Norway, as I love it.

07/30 Just about 1 km away from the North Cape, but nothing to be seen.

07/30 That's it. The destination is reached. Not much has changed here at the big globe of the North Cape since I was here in 2003. I even used the same bicycle.

07/31, 08/01 The last days, I spent at the North Cape Guesthouse. A calm place ran by the charming and very helpful Vilma. She creates some amazing stuff for her handmade store.

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