07/17 The border to Russia from the Norwegian side. Taking pictures in the borderzone of Russia is not a very good idea.

07/17 The cemetery of Nickel is in a little birch forest, or should I write the birch forest is in the cemetery?

07/17 Having lunch with new Russian friends in a restaurant in Nickel

07/17 Leaving Nickel (the name is program...)

07/17 To arrive in Zapolijarni, where I stayed in the right house.

07/17 View from my 1500 Rubel (about 19 Euro) per night flat.

07/18 Next night, I stayed in Titovka (a village of 3 houses).

07/18 The dinner in Titovka.

07/19 Everywhere on the street to Murmansk are World War II war memorials.

07/19 The route from Kirkenes to Murmansk is up and down all the way.

07/19 For a beer with a bicycling Russian friend, Sasha, I met the other day on the last 50 km to Murmansk.

07/19 Rainbow at midnight.

07/21 Monument "Alesha", part of the memorial complex for Soviet defenders. Build 1974 in honour of died soldiers during the World War II

07/21 Murmansk

07/21 The house for summer- and winter swimming.

07/21 The memorial in honour for the 118 sailors died in the submarine Kursk tragedy on Aug, 12, 2000

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