Sweden (b) Stockholm

06/02 Gamla Stan (the old town) with the royal palace on the right.

06/01 The ship Af Chapman, our Youth Hostel with the best view. I had the pleasure of my parents visiting me in Stockholm for five days.

06/05 Change of palace guards.

06/05 In the palace, we wrote to Victoria and Daniel, the royal bridal couple. Here, my mother gave the official our congratulation letter.

06/05 More impressions from Gamla Stan.

06/07 Stockholm subway stations

06/06 Statue on Prince Eugens Waldemarsudde on Djurgåden.

06/06 The fabulous warship Vasa, build in 1628. This incredible boat made 2 km and sunk just outside the Stockholm harbor. It was salvaged with a largely intact hull on 24 April 1961.

06/03 We took a ferryboat to sail into the Skerries (Schären).

06/03 On the Island of Möja, we took a day of to relax.

06/06 This saddle belongs to a Stockholm cyclist who must have really used his pushbike.

06/07 In Sweden, the last school day is celebrated by a church service followed by a big party with family and friends. Everybody brings a large sign with an old photo of the school graduate.

06/07 Back on the road - and into the work shop. A screw from the new stem had been broken... so I exchanged the stem.

06/08 Back into the wild. To take pictures of myself, I use the Gorilla tripod.

06/08 In Grisslehamn I said good-bye to Sweden, as I am doing a small detour via Åland and Finland, before I will return back to Sweden. This is the atelier of famous Albert Eneglström.

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