Sweden (a) Helsingborg - Stockholm

05/23 First impressions of Sweden: Helsingborg

05/24 The big marriage is in just 3 weeks from now. Everywhere, you can buy the royal pralines.

05/26 The first Swedish buildings. Great symmetry.

05/27 Training for the next winter.

05/28 Castle of Vadstena at the Vättern lake.

05/28 The first moose sign in Sweden.

05/28 on the move...

05/28 Great sign posts for the cycle path here.

05/29 At the Göta Kanal. I left my chair only to take an image of the ship. The sparrow saw his change - and took it (my Kuchen!!!))

05/29 Beauty of the Göta kanal.

05/xx Canola - Raps, das war sein letztes Wort...

05/30 Nyköping

05/30 on the move II ...

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