11/26 Back in Europe! The plane brought my Velotraum and me from Jacksonville via New York to Paris. Then, from Montparnasse train station, I took a train back to the French West Coast and continued east.

11/28 The traditional Baguette - Something, I was looking forward to since months.

11/28 From the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in Saint-Nazaire, I continued my trip.

11/30 Following the lovely Loire valley.

12/01 Old riverine villages at the Loire.

12/02 From time to time, I had a little bit of sun.

12/02 At night in a cheap Motel room: Planning the route. To get the bicycle past the reception desk and then up the stairs was not always easy.

12/05,06 I crossed the Champagne (le ancienne province française). As a good traveller, I had to do as the locals do ;-)

12/07 It was cold, but I loved to be outside.

12/07 My last thousand kilometre celebration: Number 17!

12/07 Witness of World War II near Verdun

12/07 Closing into Longwy. In the winter, it is getting dark soon. It was only 5:44pm when I took this picture. I had wasted too much time having a great lunch and naturally at celebrating the 17.000 km. I knew already where my next bed stood, so a little bit of low light could not harm me.

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