USA 7 - Florida

11/14 Cooked peanuts - expensive, but not very tasty :-(

11/17 Nice old car.

11/19 In Lake city, the local newspaper made a two pages report about my trip

11/20 Two symbols, I have seen very often on my way through the USA.

11/ I crossed the 16.000 km mark at the doorstep to my Motel in Palatka.

11/21 St. Augustine is the endpoint of the Southern Tier route from The Adventurecycling Organization.

11/21 The Atlantic Ocean! So, the US is crossed ;-) .....the mailboxes have assimilated too.

11/23 Normally, I do not celebrate the miles, but at 10.000 miles, I had to make an exception.

11/23 Villas of Ponte Vedra.

11/23 The cars here are a little bit different.

11/25 On my way to the airport. My bile is packed; I hope no police car is going to stop me.

11/25 On my way to France: Plane eats bicycle.

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