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 07/27 - Kjöllur: Jürgen Immoor from Bremen, Germany is on a 3 week bycycle trip in Iceland.

 07/27 - Kjöllur: Thierry and Perrine from Marseille, France are physics teachers and are on tour in Iceland for 3 weeks.

 07/27 - Kjöllur: Mik and Aline from Brügge, Belgium on their 18 days trip.

 07/27 - Kjöllur: Lars Fischer from Chemnitz, Germany. His long journey started three month ago at home in Chemnitz. He is on a bicycle trip which has a lot of similarities to the one I did in 2003: His route went from Germany touched the Polish border, then to Sweden, over to Finland, via Russia (Murmansk) to the North cape in Norway. From there, he turned South, rode though Norway to Bergen. A ferry brought him over to Iceland. He is planning to ride his bike via Scotland, England, France and Spain to his final destination: Gibraltar. His daily pensum however is not compatible with mine: 100-150km a day, no rest days. - Horses for courses. Good luck, Lars!

 07/28 - Þingvellier: Mariona and Daniel from Barcelona, Spain. They allowed 3 weeks for their Iceland trip.

 07/28 - Þingvellier: Annabel Muñoz and Andreu Alay from St. Llorenç Savall, Spain. In three weeks they are trying to do some hard stretches. When I looked at their bikes, I had to say: These guys must be very brave. Annabel and Andreu: If you read that and are still alive, please tell me how you were doing, so I can update the page with your story...

 07/29 - West of Þingvellier: Iurkia from Euskalherria, Iñaki (San Sebastian, Pais Vasco) on his 3 weeks Iceland trip.

 07/29 - WHERE: Marjolyn and Rob from Amersfoort in Holland are having their fun cycling for 3 weeks through Iceland and did not care about rain ;-)

07/30 - Reykjavík: Carolien (l) and Suzanne van de Ven (r) from Holland are hikers who just came back from two and a half weeks on their foot. The impressive Landmannalaugar area attracted these very friendly people from country of Gouda, Frau Antje, Rudi Carell and a lot of very nice and friendly people ;-)

 07/30 - Reykjavík: Evenline Peters (l) and Astrid (r) from Leuven, Belgium reached Reykjavík on a very rainy day and were still smiling. They had been on a 5-week discovering tour in the Eastfjords.

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