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 07/02 - Keflavík: Karl-Peter Schwall from Philippsburg near Karlsruhe in Germany. We met at the airport in Frankfurt and drove the first two days together. Karl headed into the golden circle, when I continued to the North-west. Here you see him on our way to Reykjavík though the rainy night.

 07/08 - Stykkishólmur: I met Guntram Stolz at the evening of the 7. July. since 10 ears, he is bicycling every year on Iceland, sometimes even in the colder seasons. I was very happy to send a couple of days with him. Our pace did not matched, but we managed to meet each other over and over again. Guntram has a great attitude to life and I admired him as a valuable source for stories and his knowledge of the Island.

07/ - Látrabjarg: Cyril Ruoso from Thorigny-sur-Oreuse, France. He is a professional photographer (Webpage). Cyril was shooting birds for a week at the Látrabjarg. I tried to learn as much as possible when we chatted.

 07/14 - Patreksfjörður: Christine Kammel and Karl Förster from Berlin, Germany. These guys are experienced world traveller. It was interesting to listen when they talked about their 2 years bicycle tour from Germany to New Zealand.

 07/15 - Hrafenseyri: Claire Weeks and Peter Wing from Vancouver, Canada. They are using incredible bikes from bike friday. The trailer is an altered original Samsonite suitcase. And the very best is that they can transport the whole, but naturally disjointed, bicycle in this case.

 07/19 - Ísafjarðardjúp: Ulrich Hiller from Heidelberg, Germany. I met him at 11am. As he was a victim of the strong winds the day before, he started this day at 1am in the middle of the night, when the wind is weak. He made over 100km in the 10 hours he was riding as he had headwind. We met face to face, so that ment headwind for the next 100km for me...

 07/23 - Blönduós: Achim Frey and Marion Fohrn from Landau/Pfalz, Germany. On their 4.rth trips to Iceland, they took 4 weeks to discover new territories.

 07/23 - Blönduós: Ingrid Olsson from Eskilstuna in Sweden. She is cycling for 2,5 weeks in Iceland, visiting Keflavik-Hafnarfjördur-Pingwellir and Burdardalur-Borganes-Hofsvik Hafnarfjördur. It's her first bike trip and I think quite brave to go to Iceland first.

 07/24 - Blönduós: Susanne Göttfert (l) and Stefanie Frohburg (r) from Dresden, Germany. 7 weeks of time they took. They wanted to cycle through the rough country. Wind, bad roads and hills lead to a slight change of plans. From time to time they switch to a bus.

 07/25 - Kjöllur: Two cyclists who must have been so frustrated from the strong headwind that they did not stop for a Smalltalk...

 07/25 - Kjöllur: Per Kristian from Trondheim, Norway. Just 1 week he took to do an enormous stint. But that's how the Vikings are, I guess.

 07/26 - Kjöllur: Johanna Gudlaugsdóttir from Reykjavík, Iceland. The first cyclist from Iceland I met in Iceland. Johanna is spending her summer holiday doing this trying trip.

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