After a hard day on a banking project in Bonn I called my friend Martin, who I met in New Zealand the year before. We talked about our trip in the Kiwiland and upcoming tours. Martin is kind of addicted to Scandinavia and so it comes that he had just bought tickets to fly to Sweden. Sweden... Oh, I love northern Europe as well. I was envious and so I browsed the internet in order to join him. After a couple of kilobytes had flown through the air to my wireless laptop (property of the company I work for), I discovered that Ryan Air offers a lift from somewhere in Germany (Hahn - they call it Frankfurt, even though it's over 100 km away from there) to somewhere in Sweden for affordable 1,22 Euro. I booked (= fare plus tax plus plus = still reasonable 90 Euro), and 3 weeks later, at the 4th of May, I landed in Nyköping in Southern Sweden.

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