Nyköping - Ljungsbro

05/04 Leaving rainy Frankfurt - Hahn with the airplane named "Nyköping" - a good start!

05/04 As Martin arrived five hours after me, I did some sightseeing in Nyköping.

05/05 An incredible rainy first night. The next day, we enjoyed the typical Swedish landscape with blue skies.

05/06,07 We stopped in Söderköping to use the old Rikstelefon. Then we changed clothes and hit the road again.

05/07 "Hurry up! The sun shines at the end of the street."

05/07 Following "Längs Göta-Kanal"

05/05 On my first day, while I was waiting for Martin, I found this can of beer. I got to know Murphy's in Ireland on my Europe trip and enjoyed it so much with Martin in New Zealand. We indulged in reminiscences.

05/06 The sun sets late in Sweden.

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