Ljungsbro - Nyköping

05/07 Woke up at short past 5a.m.

05/7 Martin is preparing tea. This day, we camped in the urban part of Motala.

05/08 A small lake near the huge lake Vättern.

05/08 Typical church in Godegård.

05/09 It is always hard to catch butterflies with the camera. It was still quite cold this morning, so I caught this specimen with my macro lens. Look at the tongue.

05/10 Sweden is full of wild animals. Roe deer is quite mousy, so I had to creep slowly towards them in order to catch them well.

05/11 In Malmköping, we were invited to coffe and cookies by a couple of locals. After a short explanation of the camera, one guy took over and shot pictures of us.

05/11,12 Martin will stay a couple of days more in Sweden, so I had to say goodbye to my favourite food. The next morning we said farewell to each other.

05/ On the airport: A last glance on the local press: Good - Victoria is still there.

05/ The time came to say goodbye to Sweden. I am sure, I will come back - sometime.

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