Klaus lying on Ruta 40
Klaus lying on Ruta 40 in Argentinia

The journey started in January 2002: Cycle South America

The actor  : Klaus from Frankfurt, Germany (Yves participated till Sucre)
Timeframe: We started in January 2002, let's see how long it will take us
Route         : Starting point is Ushuaia, Argentinia, then northerly
Coming from different countries, the wish to cycle through foreign territories has brought us together. Starting point was a pinboard on a travelers web page, where I placed my note, looking for another guy, crazy enough to join the Wind-Altitude-and-Rain-, but as well the Nature-Adventure-and-get-to-know-new-people- tour. We finally got together and started on January the 2nd in Frankfurt, Germany, flew over night to Buenos Aires, changed the airport, flew to Ushuaia and then >>> START

We split in Sucre, Bolivia.