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 Jan. Rio Grande: Four Canadians: Melanie, Jean-Francois, Loralee and Ron

 Jan. San Sebastian: Dirk, Joerg and Bea. They all came from Germany and provided us with the very best information we got on our trip.

 Jan., 12th 50 km from Povenier: Two Dutch cyclists: Oscar and Thelma

 Jan., 16th, Eva from Munich joined us for a couple of days

 Jan., 18th, we met Toralf from Berlin on the road from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales. Click here for Toralf's Webpage.

 Jan., 19th, we met two Swiss cyclists Angela and Christian in the Hosteria Magellana in Puerto Natales.

Jan., 20th, in the National Park Torres del Paine, Capamento Torres, we met three Polish mountaineers Wostek, Michael and Bodziv, who are on the way to climb the middle Torre. See their webpage.

Jan., 20th, we met Ignacio, a 15 year old boy from Santiago, who attended us on the way up the hill. He taught us to speak Spanish, while we helped him to increase his German language skills. On the other picture you see the Ranger of Capamento Torres Gonzalo sitting in his shelter hut.

Jan., 21st, on our second day in the National Park, we met two Germans from Berlin: Ines and Marcus. As we went the same way, we bumped into each other several times.

 Jan., 28 - Puerto Natales: Pau and Cesar, two bike mechanics from Barcelona, Spain

 Jan., 30 - shortly before Tapi Aike: Alvaro from Galicia, Spain: The biciclown, traveling and conjuring. Look at his web-site

Jan., 31 - On Ruta 40 between Tapi Aike and El Cerrito. Ingrid and Herbert Fuess from Sigmaringen, Germany. At home, they build these Expedition vehicles - and they beta-test them on their own ;-)

 Feb, 1 - Rio Bote: Mieke and Peeter from Rotterdam, Holland. They are on a round tour through Argentinia

 Feb, 2 - El Calafate: Gabriela from Buenos Aires and Harald from Germany. They came from from Bariloche and heading south to Ushuaia

 Feb, 2 - El Calafate: Carolina from Argentina, Stephan (Webpage), the Swiss guy, who cycles all the way down from Alaska and Maria, (Webpage) also from Argentina. I met them at the gas station, where they were drinking mate and waiting for a call.

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