Patagonia : South Torres del Paine

All the pictures have been taken in the 4th week of January 2002. We had been very lucky with the weather. We got 5 days of sun with a temperature of up to 26 degrees Celsius. On the remaining two days, we had little rain, a lot of wind and snow on the pass.

Los Torres del Paine. I shot this picture after a short climb to the glacier see, starting at 4:30am.

A picture of the view, when turning around from the Torres.

Sitting in a field of flowers for a little rest.

The sun makes everything looking beautiful.

On the second camping ground "Seron", we were lucky and saw an eagle.

Here you see how easy it was, to get new, fresh and cold water.

On the way to the next camping ground.

After the sun set down, it was getting a little bit cold, but the view was incredible.

On the next pictures, you see us making the way over obstacles, small rivers and bad swamps.

We made it up to the Paseo John Gardner (1240 m). We did not have the proposed view, because it snowed and the winds had been incredible strong and very cold.

When walking down, I had some pain in my right knee. Therefore, I used these two crutches.

A fox. He did not run away, so I caught him with my camera.

After a while walking down the pass, the view got better and we used this rock to relax and enjoy the view over the glacier Grey.

In the campamento El Grey we camped at the beach, with icebergs in our reach.

The sun helped us make the best out of the rain (actually, it did not rain very much).

Picture of the Lake Pehoe. The water has this marvelous color. It looks as if you are standing at the Côte d'Azur in France.