Tiera del Fuego

The first episode (500 km): 

At our starting point in Frankfurt

Negotiating with the taxi driver in Buenos Aires

The mountains of Tierra del Fuego

Yves and me in front of the airport of Ushuaia

Advertising al fin del mondo

City limit of Ushuaia

El fin de Panamericana

My beloved Ortlieb pannier got a hole, so I brought it to the local gobbler. He patched it, so I can ride some 100 km now. I have to have it patched better at the next opportunity.

At the first day, we rode 100 km, 40% paved, 60% unpaved roads. 80% rain and 80% daylight. It was about 4 degree Celsius, when we reached el Paso Garibaldi, where this picture was taken.

After the downhill race, we were frozen and needed some hot tee, which we were able to brew at the local fire station near a lake, in the middle of nowhere.

This is how the way looks on these unpaved roads. This picture has been taken within the 20% of no rain at this day. We have taken a lot of these pictures, but we will not bother you with all of them.

Nice sunset over the mountains. The daylight lasts in Argentina until 10.30pm.

The sign of the wind, blowing 10 km before we reached Rio Grande

Riding side by side near the Estancia Sara between Rio Grande and San Sebastian

We made it to the border of Chile. This is on the 160 km unpaved and head-windy stretch to Povenier.

Another sign of the wind, blowing...

Yves is pushing his bike up the hill from the Estancia were we camped the night before.

We love to bike in the sun. We hate the rain, but the bad side of dry roads is the dust they produce at the moment a car passed by. This picture was taken on our way to the ferryboat, that took us over the Magellan street from Povenier to Punta Arenas. The ferry left an hour before we thought it would leave. So we were lucky to catch it.

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