People, I met on my way  

 Feb, 21 - Dunedin: Martin Falkenroth from Mönchengladbach, my companion since Christchurch.

Feb, 25 - Dunedin: Paul Zulliger and Nicole Schneyder from Switzerland on their one-year trip around the world. Next on the agenda will be Australia, Thailand and Nepal.

Feb, 25 - Dunedin: Christina Rockstroh and from Mönchengladbach (like Martin from above). After finishing their education, they started a two years trip around the world. For about one year, they enjoyed the sun of Australia, before investing into push bikes and cycling New Zealand.

Feb, 27 - Milton: Chris & Lesley Peebles Brown from Haddington, Scotland took two years off for their world trip. They cycled the East Cost, then they flew over to New Zealand, from where the adventurers will explore Australia and move back to the United States of America to cycle the West Coast.

March, 13 - South of Queenstown: Stefanie May from Switzerland. We met the second time on our bicycle trip this/last year. Fist time was on the first of August 2003 on the Vesteralen in Norway. After seeing nearly all of Europe on her bike, she utilized the last two, plus the coming two month, to explore New Zealand.

March, 13 - Queenstown: Paul Watabe. On the same day, I met Stefanie again, I met Paul in a photoshop in Queenstown. See the People I met 1 section of my Europe 2003 trip, and you will see him in Riga with his companion Al Briggs. What a coincidence...

March, 15 - Crown Range: Helfried Kerll from Germany and Peter van Glabbeek from Holland.

March, 16 - Wanaka: Two German guys riding their old Simson motorbikes as a means of transportation in New Zealand.

March, 18 - Haast: Anna Levine from Santa Cruz, California rides big miles on her own. She was to fast for us, so we haven't seen her again on the trip.

March, 27 - Punakaiki: Another German guy cycling around New Zealand.

March, 30 - Westport: Stefanie and Silke from Oberhausen in Germany. We had a nice evening in the campground kitchen together, cooking our dinner.

March, 30 - Lycell DOC: Adam Power from England, Scott Nelson from Connecticut and Gary Hall the swing-dancer from Colorado. We had a great time on the abandoned campground.

April, 02 - Marahau: Al Briggs from England. Like Paul, I met him on the trip through Europe last year and cycled about a week with him (see the People I met 1 section of my Europe 2003 trip).

April, 07 - Abel Tasman Track, Whariwharangi Hut: Francois Jubert from France, Saskia from Berlin, Germany, me, Martin an Marlies from Berlin, Germany as well. We met on the four day hike and had a lot of fun when crossing ice-cold brooks barefooted and drink tea at night (as long as the gas lasted).

April, 22 - Tongariro NP: Diana and Martina from Switzerland touring around NZ for a couple of month. We met a lot of times and it was always a pleasure, up to the one time when they guessed my age... ;-)

April, 24 - National Park: Matze from Berlin, Germany. I was told about this guy weeks before I actually met him. He hikes all over New Zealand. We made friends and stayed a couple of days together, prepared and ate a some big salad bowls with chicken breast and did the Tongariro Crossing and together.